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We provide CPQ solutions & market intelligence, specifically for companies from the Automotive and Manufacturing industry

RfQ process acceleration

Today's RfQ (Request for Quotation) processes are complex and under heavy time contraints.


For instance: when an automotive supplier gets a RfQ from an automotive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), sometimes it only has 2 weeks time to provide a quote for an engeineered, fully customized and mass produced product.


Most company's RfQ processes are slow and error prone, since they rely on Excel and "implicit" knowledge.


Hyvan Technologies will drastically increase the speed of your RfQ process.

Complexity minimization

Quoting for an engineered product is a complex matter, a quote for an ECU includes many building blocks and modules that must be reflected in the Cost Breakdown.


Most companies increase their own complexity to counter this problem, through hiring more people in finance or using complicated Excel sheets.


Hyvan Technologies simplifies the entire matter and delivers precise quotes for the most complex products. No need to walk through hundreds of Excel sheets and increase your company's headcount, just use our CPQ software.

Total holistic view

Quoting is not only about technical aspects, it considers all aspects of a project. Whether it's OEE, cycle time, taxes, depreciation or any other of the many variables. Hyvan understands and incorporates them all into our CPQ application.


Our holistic view makes the quote easily doable and understandable for all stakeholders. Whether it's Sales, who needs to see target prices and annual price downs; Process Manufacturing who needs to see OEE, yield and hourly rates; CEO who needs to see company's target profitability achievement. Every stakeholder will have easy and comprehensible access into our application.

Our solution

Our CPQ application is SaaS based and specially designed for customers from the Automotive and Manufacturing industries

RfQ automation

See how our CPQ application digitalizes your RfQ processes and understand our holistic approach 

Smart modules

See our additional Industry 4.0 modules for total transparency and performance tracking 

Benefits for your company

See how Hyvan CPQ increases your company's sales and optimizes your bottom-line

Artificial intelligence in CPQ

The ultimate pinnacle in simplicity and efficiency

Digital automotive aftersales

Our products for dealers: drastically increase your aftersales revenues with our modules

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