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Data driven market intelligence for China

suYou want to get deep insights into the Chinese market? You want to have data and infos on specific topics of the Chinese market? You want to have transparency on the often intransparent and highly difficult market? You want to get certain data but don't know which sources to use?

Don't look any further, Hyvan Technologies offer an one-stop on any information needs on the Chinese market, just tell us your needs and leave the rest to us.

We are the only full service market intelligence company for the Chinese market in Europe. We provide traditonal research, combined with big data analysis and our expert network to give our customers truly holistic solutions.

Our solutions support C2M - C2M stands for Customer-to-Manufacturer where real large scale customer insights are used to design products. This is exactly what we do, our insights are used for companies from Automotive & general manufacturing industry to design their future products staying ahead of competition.

Our service is built on 3 pillars


Our local experts conduct research on any of your topics, in an efficient and targeted way. With previous industry expertise, we understand your needs well and can deliver results very fast.

Big data analysis

Our research is supported by big data anaylsis. We can get data from any of the popular websites, forums and review sites as well as WeChat and Weibo.

Expert network

For complex tasks and very intransparent markets, we will activate our expert network for dedicated insights. Our experts are all industry veterans with significant industry management experience.

Real market insights

China's internet is full of large vertical and intermediaries. Websites like Autohome, Pacific Car provide forums, ratings etc. for automobile consumers to discuss anything from brand image, pricing, buying experience at 4S dealership to product issues. Then there are social media applications like WeChat and Weibo. These websites are vast sources of information and data and the basis to generate accurate customer insights.

Yet, these data on their own don't mean too much. To generate real and holistic market insights with realistic projections, traditional research along with expert interviews need to be deployed too.

Hence, you will not only receive a accurate snapshot of your brand's image, the product perception and how your retail is performing from consumers' and experts' perspectives, you will also gain solid insights how these will develop in the future.

Now that you know your standpoint in the Chinese market, you will need an action plan. Based on qualitative and quantitative insights, we will support you in defining the right measures to make your brand image stronger and your products more attractive.

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