Complete CPQ ecosystem for the Automotive and Manufacturing industry

Bringing the Auomotive and Manufacturing industry Sales into the digital age

CPQ for complex products

RfQ processes within the Manufacturing and Automotive industry are very critical from both external and internal perspectives.

  • Externally, customers such as OEMs demand fulfillment of price targets, annual price downs and detailed cost breakdowns. And all that within a short timeframe from one week to maximum of 2 months.
  • Internally, the company needs to fulfill its own financial targets, involve many departments such as Purchasing, Sales, Engineering, generate a substantial amount of data to achieve an integrative price.

Currently, Manufacturing companies and Automotive suppliers rely mostly on their Sales department's knowhow, Excel tool and specific calculator teams to generate quotes, but this is linked with many problems and inefficiencies such as:

  • Data loss
  • Wrong data
  • Idle time due to waiting and inactivity
  • Misunderstanding of quote inputs
  • No analysis on customers' pricing demand developments
  • Lack of comparability
  • Failure of performance tracking
  • No overview on KPIs
  • Additional headcount
  • and many many more...

We from Hyvan Technologies understand that Manufacturing and Automotive supplier industry Sales cannot use conventional CPQ tools since these can only be used for standardized and off-the-shelf parts. Whereas the Manufacturing and Automotive industry mostly deal with non-standard parts, that are engineered and customized for their customers according to their specific requirements.

We have develped a turn-key solution which considers all aspects of a complex RfQ process.

A highly intelligent system for many input variables, mass accessibility and many smart features. Conventional CPQ only shows a glipse of what we offer.

Our CPQ application is specifically designed towards our customers' needs. It is SaaS based, the setup can be on premise or within cloud.

Dont' bother with huge, complex and user unfriendly Excel tools and useless standard CPQ solutions anymore.

Start quoting efficiently with Hyvan Technologies.

Use our different graphical user interfaces and modules to massively accelerate and simplify your quote process.

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