Digitalization & Industry 4.0 within RfQ process

Absolutey efficient RfQ process

RfQ processes will never be complex again

Yes, this is our objective. To make RfQ processes totally simple, this is our ultimate goal.


Our vision is to make Sales totally technology driven, so that your Sales people can focus on their "people's business"


We achieve this by full digitalization of RfQ processes and combining it with Industry 4.0 methods.

Simpicity through digitalization

Today's products from Automotive and Manufacturing industry are getting more and more complex, price pressure and competition have never been so high and the supply chain never had so many participants. These factors all make quoting extremely complicated. Companies answer to these issues by making their tools and processes even more complex, typical examples are: Excels get more spreadsheets, more discussion and alignment meetings are needed in the quoting processes.


Our mission is to help your people focusing on doing sales and business development again. We don't want your Sales people to deal with the ever increasing complexity of quoting, doing calculations, filling in Excel spread sheets, do number crunching... We want your Sales people to engage your customer, doing "people's business" and win projects.


Digitalization is key for breakthrough. By fully exploring digital tools and methods, long and tiresome processes will be reduced to a minimum - What normally takes weeks to do will be reduced to mere hours. The complexity of the processes and CPQ will be separated from the user.


Our solution provides an entire ecosystem for your Sales to create quotes, calculate profitability, benchmark your projects' KPIs, run the internal release processes etc. 


No matter how complex the product and the circumstances are, quoting will always be simple and intuitive.

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