Hyvan CPQ will greatly improve your company's performance

Forget complexitiy - RfQ processes won't get simpler than that

All in one place

Hyvan CPQ is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your RfQ process issues. You can create quotes, attach important documents, export data and conduct analytics.

There is no need for you and your Sales team to use any other application for quoting, Hyvan already provides everything.

There is no need for your company to spend loads of money to buy licenses for different CPQ tools for your big product portfolio. No matter how complex product portfolio is, Hyvan CPQ covers all them.

Instead of increasing complexity in your RfQ processes and hiring extra headcounts to manage the processes, just use Hyvan. Our solution keeps your complexity level to a minimum and does all the work automatically.

Useful & lean

We created Hyvan CPQ because we have many years of industry and IT experiences. We know that companies are looking for useful tools to improve their RfQ processes and ultimately their financial results, but don't want to bother with large and heavy IT systems. Our applications are doing just that, they are focused on providing solutions to the industry's problems but won't burden them with new ones.

Our plug & play SAAS solution is asset light and can be accessed by lots of personnel, and all your personnel need is a webbrowser. The data cloud can be on premise or hosted proprietarily, that decision is up to you.

We won't charge you thousands and thousands of Dollars for seminars, adaptations or consulting. Our solution is easy to use and your Sales people will understand everything every quickly since we are speaking the same language.

Our solution provides an optimal basis for integration of CRM and ERP. There is no need for high number of tools, just use ours.


Our solution is modular and can be used in multiple use cases besides being deployed as CPQ ecosystem for traditional Automotive and Manufacturing  companies.

One instance is B2B E-commerce: herefore Hyvan's CPQ can be deployed as module for online quote automation for complex parts, truly connecting the Internet with Manufacturing. This massives simplifies the customer supplier interface and provides transparency and provides trust between customer and supplier even though they could be thousand kilometers apart.

Another instance is CRM where our CPQ can be deployed as a front-end module to feed the CRM system.

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