RfQ automation

Hyvan CPQ will massively speed up your quoting and internal decision making processes

Automate your RfQ process

The RfQ process for companies are decisive: not only will the quote price and the cost breakdowns decide about nomination, it also decides the company's own profitability.

Only through total transparency on all cost components, an optimal price and profitability can be brought into equilibrium.

Inputting all the data bottom-up is more than troublesome, since lots of data are only implicitly available, they are "in the heads" of RfQ participants. Calculating the data is even more annoying, since the calculation is mostly done manually through the calculator department.

We believe the only way to create quotes effectively and efficiently is through digitalization and automation.

Our key features

Use project overview to have full view on all of your projects and look into each project's dashboard to see basic information, such as SOP, annual sales, lifetime etc. This is also where you start input new projects.

After setting up your new project, input detailed project information and profitability targets.

Choose relevant P&L items and assign them to the respective personnel. Calculate their costs in a simple and fast way: a number of default values are already given to accelerate inputs, while the calculation is conducted in real-time. All default values can be updated from time to time using machine learning. All input and calculated data are continuously stored in the database, so you don't need to worry about saving.

All project data are aggregated by the system and the quote price will be automatically calculated along with a numbe of metrics, such as EBIT, EBITDA, Net profit, RoS etc. Alternatives quote prices will be calculated depending on your internal profitability targets.

Use our automatically generated graphics and charts to simply and intuitively see the total project cost breakdown and projection of sales and profit over time.

Project data export

When you have finished inputting all your data and the quote is calculated, it's time to face the management and the customers.

Here, our solution speeds ups your internal and external decision making processes, whether it's getting internal approval for your quote from the management team or creating customer cost breakdowns.

Export your entire project into Excel sheets. Excel sheets are customizable, so that you can use them the most optimal way.

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