Artificial intelligence in CPQ for ultimate efficiency and simplicity

Autonomous quoting and fully automated processes

Artificial intelligence & CPQ

Imagine quoting for a complex RfQ not more difficult than ordering a pizza. Imagine building up an extensive quote just as simple as configuring some piece of furniture.

Is this achievable? Absolutely yes! How can this be achieved? Only through articifical intelligence and deep learning.

This is what we at Hyvan are working on. Artificial intelligence is the ultimate frontier for CPQ and sales automation and it will provide absolute efficiency and maximum convenience. Through deep learning, we will leverage the existing data set; through AI, we will always derive the right quotes, fully automatic and hassle free.

Deep learning

Some of your company's (experienced) Sales guys have recognized some patterns in RfQs of your customers? They have a gut feeling on how to quote when they receive RfQ by certain customers?

If you have asked yourself these questions or made these observations, then look no further. Yes, that's no coincidence, there are patterns in your customers' RfQs. Now imagine you can recognize them easily and deploy them company wide.

It's Hyvan's mission to utilize Deep Learning methods to recognize these patterns to achieve even faster quoting; fully automated and fully autonomous.

Starting with your existing RfQs and quotes, the more RfQs your company you receive and the more your company quotes, the more precise the system will get as it continuously learns and adapts it towards your individual customers.

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