Smart features to enhance your quote process

Our smart modules will give you unparalleled possibilities to further increase your quote speed and your Sales team's performance 

Smart features

Our CPQ solution comes with built-in smart moduels, some of them help you quote faster, some help you improving your Sales team's performance. No matter what they do, they will massively improve your quoting process.

Document upload

Upload all the relevent documents into your project, whether it's LoI, nomination letter, technical drawings.

Have all documents in one place and never have to search for them again.

Project analytics

Benchmark your project against all of your previous

projects. Get in-depth insights and compare your

project and analyze it along a set of pre-defined KPIs

(key performance indicators).


Sales performance

Perform extensive analysis on your sales and sales team's performance. See entire history on price development, nomination status, target and actually achieved profitability, customer status etc.

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